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Chaz from Londonderry

 Just stuck my head out the back garden t...


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 A strange old day! Woke up for work at 6...


Happy from Taunton

 Taunton, United Kingdom 6:18 PM GMT ...

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Metcheck Hobby Forecasts

About this page

Some of you are crazy enough to brave the outdoor weather! Metcheck is here for you crazy people and provides detailed and custom weather forecasts for virtually all outdoor pursuits and hobbies. The forecasts go out to 16 days ahead and are updated every 6 hours.

If you look below you will see a list of all the available sections and a description of what they provide. All the information on Metcheck is freely available. If there is a feature, hobby or location you would like to see added to this section then why not contact us and let us know?

Our most popular hobbies :-
Mountains & Hills





Ski & Snowboard


All our hobbies :-
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Add your club to our database

Astronomy ►

Starry starry nights

Aviation ►

Up up and away

Camping ►

camping it up

Canoeing ►

eskimo rooooll

Climbing ►

afraid of heights?

Cricket ►


Croquet ► NEW!

Croquet weather forecasts

Cycling ►

I love to ride my...

Diving ►

Deep breath

Fishing ►

Chance of a catch

Football ►

Every match forecast

Formula 1 ►

Weather for F1 races

Formula 1 E ►

Weather for F1E races

Gardening ►

pruning weather

Golf ►

Hole in one

Horse Riding ►

Giddy up!

Jogging ►

jogging weather

Kiteboarding ►

coast weather

Mountain Biking ►

mountain forecasts

Mountains & Hills ►

mountain ranges

Polo ►

horsey weather

Rambling/Walking ►

Weather for rambling and walking

Rowing ►

lake weather

Sailing ►

inshore forecasts

Ski & Snowboard ►

UK mountain forecasts

Skydiving ►

upper air forecasts

Surfing ►

beach break forecasts

Tennis ►

tennis forecasts

Windsurfing ►

beach forecasts

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Help & Info

The home page of this section is designed to show you the most popular pages in this section for quick access (and help people with fat fingers on their i-pads) as well as display a list underneath of all the pages within this section.

If you have an idea or a wish list to add to this section then please do contact us and make us do some work!

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Polo ▼

Metcheck have some very posh people who follow us. In fact, it's a well known pastime in places like...

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Oceana ▼


Mountains & Hills ▼

Mountain walking is a great hobby. You walk to th top of a mountain and then either walk or roll ba...


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